Why People Watch Movies like Everybody Wants Some and Different Genres of Movies

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Watching movie is common across all cultures in the different part of the world. There are a variety of reasons why people love to watch movies. Most of the people watch movies in order to be entertained. It is one of the easiest things to do during weekends together with the love ones. Watching movie is also a good way of momentarily escaping from the real situations in life. For a moment, people forget problems and have the luxury of dreaming and fantasizing about something. Watching movie is also a good way of feeling something by relating to the characters of the movie.


Genres of Movies

There are literally thousands of movies that you can choose from. You watch them on the big screen, on online streaming sites or simply buying DVD and CDs. Movies are categorized depending upon on its theme. Some genres of movies that you can choose from are:

  1. Comedy– movies that typically have light-hearted that aims to make viewers laugh and amuse through different situations, actions or language. A good example of this one is everybody wants some.
  2. Biographical-movies that tells biography of prominent of famous individuals such as the movie la vie en rose.
  3. Science fiction– movies that are set in the future that use futuristic settings, events, and types of equipment. Example of this movie is the ghost in the shell movie.
  4. Disaster movie– movies that show pandemic of great proportions such as the movie contagion that can lead to human extinction.
  5. Drama– movies that have serious plots with realistic settings or life situations.
  6. Horror– movies that aim to surprise, make you scream and be afraid to go outside of the room.
  7. Action– movies that involve lots of physicality, stunts and running.

Most of the movies have mix themes such as comedy drama, horror sci-fi and a lot more. Depending upon on what you like and that of your companions, you can do some movies marathons during your free time.