Top Movies About Dogs

admin February 9, 2018 Views 13

We all know how much we love our pets and sometimes, it’s also cute to see them acting. That is why if you are a dog lover, you will enjoy these movies where dogs are the main characters and some of them are even trying to save the world.

Furry Friends Movie

  • Cats Vs. Dogs – these two animals are always on dispute with one another and this movie shows it even more as the cats try to take over the world and make sure that humans would hate dogs forever
  • Eight Below – based on a true story, 8 husky dogs were left on Atlantic as their owner needs to leave due to emergency. Would they all survive before their owner returns?
  • 101 Dalmatians – based from the cartoon, Cruela De Vil is back to collect skins of dogs for her clothing and has abducted dalmatians for her masterpiece. Would she be successful this time?

  • Bolt – an animated movie about a dog who is starring on an action movie became lost after a certain accident. With the help of the friends he meet on the way, he tries to go back to his owner and make sure that their relationship is more than what is on their production